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Sputtering Targets - Sulphides

Listed on this page is our standard range of Sulphides. Please provide us with full details on the material, purity, dimensions, any special tolerances and the quantity required. We are pleased to provide a tailor made quotation.

Name Formula Purities
Antimony Sulphide Sb2S3 3N-4N
Cadmium Sulphide CdS 3N-5N
Copper Sulphide Cu2S 3N-5N
Indium Sulphide In2S3 3N-5N
Iron Sulphide FeS 3N
Lead Sulphide PbS 5N
Molybdenum Sulphide MoS2 3N
Tungsten Sulphide WS2 3N
Zinc Sulphide ZnS 4N

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