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Sputtering Targets - Oxides

EVOCHEM’s product program contains a wide range of oxide sputtering targets optimized for the special requirements of Sputtering Processes.

Our oxide sputtering targets offer a better yield, process stability and more design freedom for the optical coating engineer.

Many oxide sputtering targets require bonding. Please contact us if you should gave any questions or if your required sputtertarget material is not listed.

Name Formula Purities
Aluminum Oxide Al2O3 2N-4N
Aluminum Zinc Oxide AZO 3N
Antimony Oxide Sb2O3 3N
Antimony:Tin Dioxide ATO 3N5
Barium Titanate BaTiO3 2N6-4N
Bismuth Oxide Bi2O3 3N
Cerium Oxide CeO2 Ce/TREO : 2N-3N5 TREO: 2N min
Copper Oxide CuO 3N
Chromium Oxide CrO3 3N
Dysprosium Oxide Dy2O3 Dy/TREO: 4N-5N TREO: 2N5-3N5
Erbium Oxide Er2O3 Er/TREO: 4N-5N TREO: 2N5-3N5
Europium Oxide Eu2O3 Eu/TREO: 2N-3N5 TREO: 2N-3N
Gadolinium Oxide Gd2O3 Gd2O3/TREO: 3N-4N5 TREO: 2N min
Gallium Zinc Oxide GZO 3N
Hafnium Oxide HfO2 2N-4N
Holmium Oxide Ho2O3 Gd2O3/TREO: 3N-4N5 TREO: 2N min
Indium Oxide In2O3 4N
Indium Tin Oxide ITO 4N-5N
Indium Zinc Oxid IZO 4N-5N
Iron Oxide Fe2O3 3N
Iron Oxide Fe3O4 3N
Lanthanum Aluminate LaAlO3 3N
Lead Titanate PbTiO3 3N
Lead Zirconate PbZrO3 4N
Lead Zirconate Titanate PZT 3N
Lutetium Oxide Lu2O3 Lu2O3/TREO: 2N-3N TREO: 2N min
Magnesium Oxide MgO 4N
Molybdenum Oxide MoO3 2N8-3N
Neodymium Oxide Nd2O3 Nd2O3/TREO: 2N-3N TREO: 2N min
Nickel Oxide NiO 3N
Niobium Pentoxide Nb2O5 2N-5N
Praseodymium Oxide Pr6O11 Pr6O11/TREO: 2N-3N TREO: 2N min
Samarium Oxide Sm2O3 Sm2O3/TREO: 2N-3N TREO: 2N min
Scandium Oxide Sc2O3 Sc2O3/TREO: 4N-5N TREO: 2N5-3N5
Silicon Dioxide SiO2 2N-4N
Silicon Monoxide SiO 3N-4N
Strontium Titanate SrTiO3 3N
Tantalum Pentoxide Ta2O5 3N5-4N
Terbium Oxide Tb4O7 Tb4O7/TREO: 2N5-5N TREO: 2Nmin
Thulium Oxide Tm2O3 Tm2O3/TREO: 2N5-5N TREO: 2Nmin
Titanium Oxide TiO 3N
Titanium Oxide TiO2 2N-4N
Titanium Oxide Ti2O3 3N5
Titanium Oxide Ti3O5 2N5-4N
Tungsten Oxide WO3 3N
Vanadium Oxide V2O5 3N
Yttrium Oxide Y2O3 Y2O3/TREO: 2N-5N TREO: 2N-3N5
Ytterbium Oxide Yb2O3 Yb2O3/TREO: 2N-4N TREO: 2N
Zinc Oxide ZnO 3N
Zirconium Oxide ZrO2 3N-4N
Zirconium Titantium Oxide ZrO2 + TiO2 4N
Zirconium Silicon Oxide ZrO2 + SiO2 4N
Yttria Stabilized Zirconia YSZ 4N

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