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Sputtering Targets - Compounds/ Alloys

EVOCHEM provides a wide range Compounds and Special Mixtures - designed to improve the application and performance of high, medium and low index thin films. Please provide us with full details on the material, purity, dimensions, any special tolerances and the quantity required. We are pleased to provide a tailor made quotation.

Name Formula Purities
Aluminum Copper Al/Cu 3N-4N
Aluminum Chromium Al/Cr 3N-4N
Aluminum Magnesium Al/Mg 3N-4N
Aluminum Silicon Al/Si 3N-5N
Aluminum Silicon Copper Al/Si/Cu 3N-5N
Aluminum Silver Al/Ag 3N-4N
Cerium Gadolinium Ce/Gd 2N5-3N
Cerium Samarium Ce/Sm 2N5-3N
Chromium Silicon Cr/Si 3N-3N5
Chromium/ Silicon Monoxide Cr/SiO 3N
Cobalt Chromium Co/Cr 3N
Cobalt Iron Co/Fe 2N5-3N5
Cobalt Nickel Co/Ni 2N5-3N5
Cobalt Iron Boron Co/Fe/B 3N-4N
Copper Cobalt Cu/Co 3N
Copper Gallium Cu/Ga 4N-5N
Copper Indium Cu/In 3N-4N5
Copper Nickel Cu/Ni 2N5-3N5
Copper Zirconium Cu/Zr 2N5-3N
Hafnium Iron Hf/Fe 3N-4N
Iron Boron Fe/B  
Iron Carbon Fe/C 2N-3N5
Iron Manganese Fe/Mn 3N
Iridium Manganese Ir/Mn 3N
Iridium Rhenium Ir/Re 3N5
Indium Tin In/Sn 4N
Nickel Aluminum Ni/Al 2N5-3N
Nickel Chromium Ni/Cr 2N-4N
Nickel Chromium Silicon Ni/Cr/Si 3N-4N
Nickel Iron Ni/Fe 3N
Nickel Niobium Titanium NiNbTi 2N5-3N
Nickel Titanium Ni/Ti 3N
Nickel Vanadium Ni/V 3N-3N5
Samarium Cobalt Sm/Co 3N
Silver Copper Ag/Cu 4N
Silver Tin Ag/Sn 4N
Tantalum Aluminum Ta/Al 3N5-4N
Terbium Dysprosium Iron Tb/Dy/Fe 2N5
Terbium Iron Alloy TbFe   3N
Titanium Aluminum Ti/Al 2N7
Titanium Nickel Ti/Ni 3N
Titanium Chromium Ti/Cr 2N5
Tungsten Rhenium W/Re 3N5
Tungsten Titanium W/Ti 4N-4N5
Zirconium Aluminum Zr/Al 2N-2N5
Zirconium Iron Zr/Fe 2N-2N5
Zirconium Nickel Zr/Ni 2N5
Zirconium Niobium Zr/Nb 2N5
Zirconium Titanium Zr/Ti 2N5
Zirconium Yttrium Zr/Y 2N5
Zinc Aluminum Zn/Al 4N
Zinc Magnesium Zn/Mg 3N

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