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Sputtering Targets - Borides

Listed on this page is our standard range of Borides.  Please provide us with full details on the material, purity, dimensions, any special tolerances and the quantity required. We are pleased to provide a tailor made quotation.

Name Formula Purities
Chromium Boride Cr2B 3N
Chromium Boride CrB 3N
Chromium Boride Cr5B3 3N
Iron Boride FeB 3N
Lanthanum Boride LaB6 3N
Molybdenum Boride Mo2B 3N
Molybdenum Boride Mo2B5 3N
Tantalum Boride TaB 3N
Tantalum Boride TaB2 3N
Titanium Boride TiB2 90-96%
Tungsten Boride WB 3N
Tungsten Boride WB2 3N
Zirconium Boride ZrB2 3N5

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