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PVD-Consumables - E-Beam Crucibles

EVOCHEM provides E-Beam crucibles and formed cones (starter slugs) which fit directly into the E-Beam source crucible. Both the crucibles and cones are available in a variety of materials.

Crucibles are recommended for many E-Beam evaporation processes because they:

  • Increase the evaporation rate to reduce cycle time and improve throughput
  • Enable quick material changes to minimize chamber downtime
  • Improve thermal  stability and reduce heat transfer to the crucible
  • Reduce power requirements and lower the cost of ownership

Please DOWNLOAD our crucible selection table to choose the right material.

Name Formula
Boron Nitride BN
Copper Cu
Graphite C
Molybdenum Mo
Tantalum Ta
Tungsten W
Aluminum Oxide Al2O3

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