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C Carbon - Sputtering Target

Melting point: 3550 °C (diamond) Boiling point: 3800 °C (sublimation)

A sputtering target is a disc of a high purity material used as an atomic sputtering source for ion beam bombardment. Please contact us if your required sputtertarget size and/ or purity are not listed.

Sputtering Target Sputtering Target

Carbon - Sputtering Target - Your product selection

C-00100 Carbon sputtering target

Details: dimensions on customers demand
CAS No: [7782-42-5]
Further information:

C-00101 Carbon sputtering target

Details: diam. 76.2mm x 5mm thickness
Purity: 99,99 %
CAS No: [7782-42-5]
Further information:

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