Ophthalmic is our Business

EVOCHEM provides a comprehensive portfolio of materials used in the ophthalmic industry.

Given our large scale production capabilities we can supply all required materials in every shape and quantity - from several grams to hundreds of kilograms.

Our dedicated ophthalmic product portfolio includes i.a.:

  • Top CleanSafe provide your lenses tailored easy-to-clean, anti-fingerprint, and water- or oil-repellent properties
  • SiO2 discs for the optimal yield in your standard processes
  • Titanium Oxides (TiO2, Ti2O3, Ti3O5) for the highest refractive index in visible range
  • Crystalline Ti3O5 for the best reproducibility and lowest thermal stress for coatings on plastic lenses
  • Zirconnium Oxides (ZrO2) for hard and durable films 

Anti-Slip Pads for Super-Hydrophobic Lenses

Newer hydrophobic and super hydrophobic lenses often create challenges during the edging process. These slippery or “non-stick” surfaces need special considerations. EVOCHEM with his partner CEKO has developed a special anti-slip pad (mask tape) to be used in during the edging process in combination with its Top CleanSafe product line.

Instruction for Use

1. Hydrophobic-Coating Stability
Start with a stable blocking surface: Prior to blocking, the lens should always be cleaned with reagent grade IPA to remove hydrophobic coating not tightly adhered to the AR layer. This will ensure adhesion to a stable surface.

2+3. Placement of the Anti-Slip-Pad
Correct Placement crucial: The Anti-Slip Pad should be firmly placed on the centre of the lens.

4. Blocking System: Disc/Pad/Block
Choosing the right blocking system components for the
Anti-Slip Pad: Blocking pads need to suit EVOCHEM‘s Anti-Slip Pads. The block radius and lens should be closely matched for optimum adhesion and wet-out. Block should be completely clean and dry prior to the edging process.

5. Final Assembly and Edging Settings
High pressure and slow cuts: A tight assembled Anti-Slip Pad and blocking allows for a perfect edging process. The ram pressure should be set on high and the cutting rate on slow for both cribbing and final edging.

Company News

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