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Next Generation of Water- and Oil Repellent Materials

EVOCHEM’s new super-hydrophobic product line (EVOCHEM ETC-ULTRA & EVOCHEM ETC-PRO) provides superior process and film properties. We have developed sophisticated materials that reduce the adherence of dirt and fingerprints on surfaces while at the same time increasing the scratch resistance.

The new super-hydrophobic tablets can be deposited from resistively heated boats as well as by E-Beam using a Top Coat liner.

While leading the way into next generation’s coatings, EVOCHEM’s new product portfolio already complies with the latest legislatives requirements and does not contain Perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS) and Perflurooctanoic acid (PFOA) – neither in the product nor in the entire production line.

Key product features:

   + Fingerprint and dirt repellent

   + Super-hydrophobic – oleophobic – extra smooth surface

   + Applicable to almost all substrates

EVOCHEM ETC reduces the surface energy to a minimum and therefore allows for easy-to-clean properties. Further-more the coating (e.g. AR layers) and the substrate itself are protected by a very smooth and scratch resistant nano layer. Depending on your particular application EVOCHEM ETC-PRO or ETC-ULTRA is the right choice.


EVOCHEM ETC-PRO is a dedicated product line for the ophthalmic industry. High abrasion resistance and an easy-to-clean surface make it the optimal choice for leading ophthalmic companies around the globe. Our strong brand and market presence will also be a key differentiator for you and your customers.   


EVOCHEM ETC-ULTRA provides superior super-hydrophobic and oleophobic properties and therefore enables a conve-nient surface cleaning – especially for AR-coatings which are easily contaminated by fingerprints and smudge.  The excellent surface smoothness also increases the scratch resistance significantly.



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